• Analysis and optimisation of scattering parameters of periodic unit cell structures
  • Predefined library of commonly used geometries
  • Dedicated methods for the analysis of periodic/quasi-periodic surfaces
  • Features for multiple panels, holes, planar and curved surfaces
  • Large-scale direct optimisation of quasi-periodic surfaces for goals on primary as well as secondary radiation patterns


  • Seamless integration with other products in TICRA Tools
  • Fast and accurate analysis of periodic/quasi-periodic surfaces
  • Design of quasi-periodic surfaces in a single tool
  • Provides designs with superior performances compared to traditional methods
  • Can handle real-life applications

Analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces

QUPES is a dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), transmitarrays, etc. Starting from the definition and design of the unit cell geometry to the optimisation of the entire finite-sized structures, QUPES provides the needed capabilities to design a periodic/quasi-periodic surface in a single tool, thus avoiding the need of using multiple software packages.

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Easy definition and optimisation of periodic unit cells

A build-in library of commonly used periodic unit cell geometries is included in QUPES, making it easy for the user to define periodic unit cells. Also, user-defined geometries are possible. Using the optimisation capabilities included in TICRA Tools, the user can optimise the periodic unit cell geometries to fulfil certain reflection/transmission properties.

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Unique capabilities for the design of quasi-periodic surfaces

The product is a result of several years of research and contains unique capabilities that are not available in any other commercial software packages. In particular, the capability of optimising entire quasi-periodic surfaces directly for goals on the final radiation pattern has proven to be the enabling technology for achieving high-performance designs.

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Seamless integration with the other products in TICRA Tools

The capabilities in QUPES are seamlessly integrated with the other software products in TICRA Tools, meaning that the user can have access to all the existing functionalities in TICRA Tools together with the capabilities in QUPES. For instance, this allows the user to design advanced high-performance reflector systems consisting of periodic/quasi-periodic surfaces.

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