The global standard

TICRA is the leading provider of cutting-edge reflector antenna modelling software for spacecraft operators and manufacturers, space agencies, earth station suppliers, defence organisations and research institutions. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with agents around the world, TICRA’s products are trusted worldwide as the reference standard for reflector antenna design and development.

A history of excellence

TICRA was founded in 1971 to develop ways to accurately describe electromagnetics phenomena, such as radiation from satellite antennas. In 1976, TICRA created GRASP, the world’s first commercial reflector antenna code, which has since evolved to become the fastest and most effective tool for reflector antenna modelling and scattering analysis. Today, TICRA’s broad range of products and consultancy services enable businesses to streamline their development process, providing absolute confidence that each antenna design will be fully validated and truly optimised for its specific use.

Meet our employees

Our experts are available to help you develop the best solution
  • Erik Jørgensen

    Education: PhD, MSc in Electrical Engineering Specialization: Moment method, electromagnetic theory With TICRA since: 2003
    Phone: +45 3330 6752
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  • Cecilia Cappellin

    Cecilia Cappellin

    Head of Applied Electromagnetics Team
    Education: PhD, MSc in Telecommunications Engineering Specialization: Reflector antenna design and analysis, feed design, antenna diagnostics, microwave radiometers With TICRA since: 2004
    Phone: +45 3312 4572
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  • Jacob Lorensen

    Jacob Lorensen

    Head of Front-end and DevOps Team
    Education: Computer Science Specialization: GUI development With TICRA since: 2016
    Phone: +45 3334 6434
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  • Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson

    Head of Sales and Marketing Team
    Education: PhD, MSc in Physics Specialization: Deployable reflector antennas, platform scattering With TICRA since: 2016
    Phone: +45 3334 6436
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  • Min Zhou

    Min Zhou

    Head of Computational Electromagnetics Team
    Education: PhD, MSc in Electrical Engineering Specialization: Reflectarray antennas, periodic and quasi-periodic surfaces With TICRA since: 2009
    Phone: +45 3330 6759
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  • Oscar Borries

    Head of Mathematics & AI Team, Chairman of the Board
    Education: PhD, MSc in Mathematics Specialization: Method of moments, scientific computing With TICRA since: 2011
    Phone: +45 3330 6741
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  • Anders Eltved

    Research Engineer
    Education: PhD, MSc in Applied Mathematics Specialization: Optimisation, mathematical modelling With TICRA since: 2021
    Phone: +45 3312 4572
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  • Andreas Ericsson

    Research Engineer
    Education: PhD in Electrical Engineering, MSc in Engineering Physics Specialization: Electromagnetic scattering, design and characterization of frequency and polarization selective structures With TICRA since: 2018
    Phone: +45 2221 8006
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