To help you achieve fast and accurate reflector antenna design, we have a skilled team of engineers available to assist with your engineering tasks as well as product training.

  • Reflector systems and VSAT design and analysis

    To help you meet your specifications, our experts can design and analyse a wide range of reflector systems for you. Compact antenna test ranges (CATR) with high performance quiet zones are also within our expertise.
  • Feed horn design

    Sometimes you have the reflector antenna already and need a new feed horn for a specific frequency band. Our experts can design various types of horns, including feed network, for your specific antenna system, which will comply with your electrical and mechanical requirements.
  • Scattering analysis

    The performances change when the antenna is placed in its final environment, for example, in the vicinity of other antennas, solar panels, or spacecraft walls. Our experts can provide you with a detailed scattering analysis that very accurately matches the performance you will see in the final environment.
  • Reflectarray and FSS design

    TICRA has developed a unique and dedicated analysis and optimization tool for the design of periodic and quasi-periodic structures such as reflectarray and FSS. Using this tool, our experts can optimize reflectarray and FSS designs for you to achieve performances that meet your specifications.
  • Training

    Sometimes a user's manual isn’t enough. That’s why we offer software training tailored to meet your specific needs. New employees will experience a shorter learning curve and specialists have the opportunity to keep up with the latest technology. Training must be booked well in advance.
  • Technical support and maintenance

    All new software licenses include one year of Technical Support and Maintenance, TSM. This service includes expert help in the use of the software with 24 hours response time from Monday through Friday as well as immediate access to new features and enhancements when a new software version is released.
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Cecilia Cappellin


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