SNIFT - Recognized for fast and accurate antenna data transformation

SNIFT is recognized for fast and accurate SNF-FF transformation. The software provides the most accurate FF results from the most universal, spherical near-field antenna measurements. The flexibility in SNIFT allows the user to calculate the near- and far-field with any angular resolution, at any distance outside the antenna minimum sphere as well as to use modal filtering and provide output of spherical wave coefficients. Additionally, the characteristics of the rotationally symmetric measurement probe are fully accounted for.

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DIATOOL – Post-processing and antenna diagnostics

The advanced post-processing software, DIATOOL, provides insight of the measured antenna results that helps the antenna engineer to find and understand problems with the manufactured samples and speed up development. In DIATOOL the user can calculate the equivalent field and currents either on a planar or on a conformal surface around the antenna. Additionally, the 3D reconstruction technique makes it possible to reconstruct field and surface currents on arbitrary 3D surfaces enclosing the antenna under test.

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GRASP – Speed, accuracy, and efficiency

GRASP is a dedicated software tool for reflector systems enabling fast and accurate analysis and design of even the most advanced reflector antenna systems. Because most of the major players in the satellite industry contribute to the continuing development of GRASP, the software provides the versatility needed by the antenna engineer to model the primary radiation from a reflector system, accounting for imperfections such as surface errors, support struts, cut-out regions, scattering, and more.

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