TICRA Tools is a shared interface to multiple TICRA products. In the TICRA Tools framework, GRASP, ESTEAM (previously MoM), CHAMP 3D, QUPES, POS, and UQ work together, so that users can combine the features of one product with the others to perform very advanced analyses and designs of complex antenna structures.

TICRA Tools holds the following products:


Shared user interface and program tabs

The TICRA Tools framework comes with a shared user interface and several program tabs for setting up antenna models, defining analyses, and visualising and processing results.

Optimisation of antennas and waveguide components in TICRA Tools

The TICRA Tools framework comes with built-in optimisation capabilities which allow the user to optimise the design of antennas and waveguide components based on a selection among five different and well-established optimisation algorithms to find the one most suited for your specific design problem.

Coupling between antennas in TICRA Tools

When different antennas are mounted in close proximity of each other, e.g. on a mast or a spacecraft, there will be an inevitable coupling between them, directly or through a scattering process. The coupling feature that can be used with any product in TICRA Tools enables the computation of this, using any of the available analysis methods for the given antenna system.


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