TICRA Foundation

TICRA is organised as a commercial foundation, the TICRA Foundation. The TICRA Foundation supports the electro-technical engineering science community by distribution of grants. As examples, the TICRA Foundation has distributed grants to research projects and test equipment as well as travel grants for university students and staff.

TICRA Foundation Grant Policy

The objectives of the Foundation are to offer engineering consultancy and related services and to support higher education and research within the electro technical engineering sciences in Denmark or abroad.

The Board of Directors distributes grants according to the TICRA Foundation objectives. Each year, the provision for distribution equals at least 10% of the net profit of the year (before tax) with a minimum amount of DKK 10,000 annually.

If the Board of Directors, in any given year, does not find the need to distribute the entire provision available, the excess amount is transferred for distribution in the following years. Grants may be awarded without application, why postings of any kind under this Foundation are not required prior to the distribution of grants.

It is possible to send an application to the TICRA Foundation. The application must be submitted by email to ticra@ticra.com and marked “Application to the TICRA Foundation”. The application will be evaluated within 3 months. The result of the evaluation, i.e. whether a grant is awarded or not, is sent by email to the applicants within two weeks after the evaluation.


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