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POS for advanced payload antenna design

With optimum speed and performance, POS is tailored to provide the most accurate and efficient contoured beam optimisation of shaped-surface or multi-feed reflector antennas. POS allows the user to design antennas with a prescribed radiation pattern for advanced satellite payloads, particularly highly contoured beams. The software is used for reflector surface shaping, array coefficient optimisation in multi-feed reflectors, and for optimising array coefficients in direct radiating arrays

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SATSOFT is designed for communication satellite antenna design, analysis and coverage planning. With SATSOFT the user can make easy assessment of antenna coverage and gain, develop contoured beam and multi-beam antenna designs.

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DIATOOL for antenna diagnostics

DIATOOL is a diagnostics tool used to investigate the antenna's functionality from measurements. The software allows the user to reconstructthe extreme near-field and surface currents of an antenna under test ()AUT from the radiated field measured in anechoic chambers.

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3D reconstruction technique in DIATOOL
Rotation of the spherical wave coefficients in SNIFT


SNIFT is the indispensable software constituent in spherical near-field test ranges, with the primary function to perform fast and accurate transformation of an antenna’s field from one imaginary spherical surface to another, with the far-field sphere being a special case.

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