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TICRA Tools - Seamless integration of antenna analysis and design tools

The TICRA Tools framework offers a range of products with a proven track record you can trust to accomplish your daily analysis and design optimisation tasks. Learn more about TICRA Tools.


    The industry standard for reflector antenna analysis. GRASP is fast, accurate and general to cater for your specific needs, and it can be adapted to almost any antenna configuration consisting of one, two or multiple reflector antennas.

    Comprehensive analysis of electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems involving electrically large and complex structures. ESTEAM automatically includes all multiple scattering effects using our advanced higher-order, accelerated MoM method.
  • CHAMP 3D

    Analysis and design optimisation of horns and multiport waveguide components, polarisers, OMTs mode-matchers. CHAMP 3D has a designs wizard for a number of standard components, and the assembly can be loaded from a CAD file.
    CHAMP 3D

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