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The TICRA Tools framework offers a range of products with a proven track record you can trust to accomplish your daily analysis and design optimisation tasks. The applications range from reflector antennas in GRASP over general antenna and scattering analysis in ESTEAM to feed horns and waveguide components in CHAMP 3D, as well as surfaces composed of frequency and polarization-sensitive materials in QUPES. POS is the tool for advanced payload antennas, while UQ augments the usual antenna design process with uncertainties on design parameters to get expected antenna performance and confidence intervals.

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The industry standard for reflector antenna analysis and optimisation
GRASP enables you to reach enhanced productivity with fast and accurate design and analysis of competitive reflector antenna solutions.
Design of general antennas and scattering by large structures
ESTEAM offers comprehensive analysis of electromagnetic scattering and radiation problems involving electrically large and complex structures.
Analysis and design of waveguide components and complex feed chains
With CHAMP 3D you get accurate analysis and design of general passive multiport waveguide components and complex feed chains.
Analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces
QUPES is your dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), transmitarrays.
Design of advanced payload antennas
POS is tailored to provide the most accurate and efficient contoured beam optimisation of shaped-surface or multi-feed reflector antennas.
Quantify uncertainties of antenna performance
UQ augments the usual antenna design process with uncertainties on design parameters to get expected antenna performance and confidence intervals.

Mission planning and analysis

The earth seen from space is a key visual when planning future satellite services. Equipped with a customisable database of cities on the globe, performance tables are easily generated to thoroughly inspect the performance of a given satellite antenna anywhere in the service area.

Communication satellite antenna design, analysis and coverage planning
With SATSOFT you can make easy assessment of antenna coverage and gain, develop contoured beam and multi-beam antenna designs.

Measurement systems and software

Measurements are an inherent part of any antenna development, and TICRA has a strong heritage in this field, particularly with our unique spherical near-field far-field transformation software with probe correction. And should the measurements prove to deviate from the theoretical results, we have a dedicated diagnostics tool to help pin-pointing the cause of the problem.

Investigate the antenna’s functionality from measurement
DIATOOL allows you to reconstruct the extreme near-field and surface currents of an antenna under test (AUT) from the radiated field measured in anechoic chambers.
Perform fast and accurate spherical near-field far-field transformations
SNIFT enables you to transform measured spherical near-field antenna data to far fields, accounting for the full characteristics of the measuring probe.

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