• Multi-feed and shaped reflector as well as analytic phased array models
  • Full Physical Optics modelling of single- and multi-feed reflector antennas
  • Easy configuration of reflector systems based on beam size or reflector diameter
  • Centre-fed and offset reflectors
  • Linearly and circularly polarised feed horn models
  • Fast and accurate optimisation of shaped reflector and multi-feed reflector systems for contoured beams and multi-beam layouts
  • Analytic model of direct radiating phased array with rectangular or triangular lattices


  • Accurate evaluation of antenna directivity for better link budgets
  • Allows for easy and accurate investigation of the impact of reflector size and offset for system-level trade-off studies
  • Easy export of antenna geometry and station files to GRASP and POS projects
  • Optimisation of shaped reflectors with the same algorithms used in POS

Shaped reflector antennas

Easily set up and optimise shaped reflectors for contoured beams. After you select only a few key parameters, such as reflector diameter and offset, SATSOFT can optimise the shape of the reflector to create a contoured beam for a given coverage polygon. A Gaussian beam model is used for the feed to simulate a corrugated horn while the surface shape is governed by an internal spline expansion derived from the overall parameters of the actual case. The optimisation uses the same proven algorithm as POS.

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Easy setup of multi-feed reflector antennas

By specifying a few parameters, such as the reflector diameter or desired beamwidth, SATSOFT will set up a reflector system based on simple design rules to generate a blockage-free array-fed reflector system. Far-fields from linearly or circularly polarised reflector antennas fed by fundamental-mode or dual-mode feeds are computed using a fast and accurate Physical Optics implementation. The built-in optimiser can find both the optimum layout and the optimum excitations of the feed array for creating a contoured beam for a given coverage polygon.

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Planning of HTS payloads

Multi-beam layouts for use on High Throughput Satellites (HTS) can be set up with the Multi-Feed Reflector and the Analytic Phased Array models and beam directivities can be estimated accurately. Both single-feed-per-beam and multiple-feeds-per-beam can be analysed. Trade-offs of, for example, reflector or array size for optimum coverage can be conducted.

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Pre-processing for antenna design: Export to POS and GRASP

The Payload Antenna Planner add-on allows you to export shaped and multi-feed reflector antennas created in SATSOFT to POS and GRASP projects. When exporting to POS the project contains a fully configured optimisation project with the station files used in SATSOFT, thereby allowing you to use SATSOFT as a pre-processor for your POS optimisations. Both shaped single- and dual-reflector systems can be configured for export to POS and GRASP.

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