• Various surface shaping expansion functions
  • Control of maximum surface curvature for manufacturability
  • Consideration for manufacturing-imposed constraints in the design phases
  • CAD export of shaped reflector surface
  • Single, dual or multi reflector shaping


  • Tailored minmax optimiser ensures extremely fast reflector design
  • Highly accurate analysis during optimisation
  • Thoroughly tested by the space industry for decades
  • Compatibility with GRASP
  • De facto industry standard for contoured beam reflector antenna design

Surface constraints

Thermal distortions and different types of manufacturing constraints can be included in the optimization for limiting e.g. surface curvature or feed displacement. Image on the right-hand side illustrates reflector shaping with and without curvature constraints.

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Surface constraints design in POS

Optimisation of single, dual and multiple reflectors

Single, dual or multiple reflector systems can be optimized and various scattering obstacles can be included. Tools for coverage definition and display of the final results are included in the software. Very special reflectors for e.g. radiating a cosecant-square beam can also be optimised, see figure below.

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Optimization of reflectors and arrays

POS features array optimisation, even in combination with reflector shaping. The array may contain subarrays in multiple layers for which power division and individual excitations may be optimised.

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Advanced minimax optimisation algorithm

The minimax goal is very useful for most design work because it relates directly to the design requirements. A least-squares optimisation is also available and may be convenient for other design criteria or for obtaining a good starting point for minimax optimisation. The algorithms allow constraints imposed on the optimisation. This includes restricting the surface curvature and total surface deviation, feed displacements and orientations, and the allowed range of array excitation coefficients.

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