SATSOFT – Plan, design, and market communications satellites

SATSOFT is designed to speed up the process of planning, designing, and marketing communication satellite payloads for GEO, LEO, or MEO constellations. The user can quickly assess antenna coverage and gain, conduct antenna trade studies, develop shaped beam and multi-beam antenna designs, and complete many other tasks required for payload design and regulatory filings.

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GRASP – Speed, accuracy, and efficiency

GRASP is a dedicated software tool for reflector systems enabling fast and accurate analysis and design of even the most advanced reflector antenna systems. Because most of the major players in the satellite industry contribute to the continuing development of GRASP, the software provides the versatility needed by the antenna engineer to model the primary radiation from a reflector system, accounting for imperfections such as surface errors, support struts, cut-out regions, scattering, and more.

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POS - Reflector antenna shaping at its best

In today’s telecommunications satellites, highly shaped reflector antennas generate contoured beams that illuminate the desired coverage regions. In close cooperation with the satellite operators, the space agencies and all the major companies in the satellite industry POS is tailored to meet the most stringent requirements while providing the most accurate and efficient shaping of spacecraft antennas at the same time.

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CHAMP 3D – Analysis and design of passive waveguide components and complex feed chains

CHAMP is a fast, accurate, and intuitive design optimization software for horn and reflector antenna terminals with rotational symmetry within space, defence, satcom, and telecommunications as well as within science, research, and radio astronomy. With the numerous features in CHAMP, the user is guided through the entire design procedure of horns and reflector terminals.

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QUPES – Analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces

QUPES is a dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), transmitarrays, etc. Starting from the definition and design of the unit cell geometry to the optimisation of the entire finite-sized structures, QUPES provides the needed capabilities to design a periodic/quasi-periodic surface in a single tool, thus avoiding the need of using multiple software packages.

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UQ - Quantify uncertainties of antenna performance

With UQ, the antenna designer may augment the usual antenna design process with uncertainties on design parameters and get data on the expected antenna performance and confidence intervals, for instance for the antenna radiation pattern. Using advanced statistical methods, UQ works together with TICRA Tools antenna analysis products, where uncertainty due to any variable specifying the antenna may be included.

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