Direct Optimisation of a Five-State Reconfigurable Reflectarray for 5G Applications

21 Mar 2024

This paper presents the preliminary design of a reconfigurable reflectarray using a direct optimisation approach, which has not been done before. The reflectarray employs a five-state configuration based on an aperture-coupled stacked patch element, offering phase quantisation within a 320 dynamic range. It operates in the 24.5-27.5 GHz band and is tailored for 5G applications. Several reflectarrays have been optimised to achieve beam scanning over 70 with strict side lobe suppression. The study confirms the suitability of this array element for beam-steering reflectarrays and highlights the simplicity of using the direct optimisation approach in antenna design.

Publication: EuCAP 2024

Place: Glasgow, Scotland

M. M. Bilgic / M. Zhou /
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