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Speed up your reflector shaping with POS 6.2

With the release of POS 6.2 users can expect reduced runtimes and memory consumption when designing electrically large systems. Other enhancements include improved surface curvature constraint control. Reduced runtime with new minimax optimiser The major improvement in POS 6.2 is...

GRASP 10.6 is released

The latest release of GRASP offers easy definition of complicated geometries in CAD files and enhanced command manipulation, among many other new features. Easy definition of complicated geometries in CAD files GRASP 10.6 makes it significantly easier to define a...

Planck Telescope In-flight Retrieval

TICRA have done substantial work on the Planck Spacecraft telescope, during the design as well as the operational phases. One task was to determine the accurate shape of the telescope surfaces on-orbit, and use this information to accurately predict the...


I need to optimise reflector antenna designs TICRA represents the benchmark for reflector antenna analysis. Nothing else comes close in terms of speed and accuracy. That’s why we are the go-to solution for every major player in the satellite industry....

Design optimization of reflectarrays

TICRA is working with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on an ESA-ESTEC contract to develop an efficient and accurate modeling tool for printed reflectarrays. With the enhanced analysis tool and TICRA’s expertise in reflector and horn optimization, efficient synthesis...

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