Speed up your reflector shaping with POS 6.2

09 May 2017

With the release of POS 6.2 users can expect reduced runtimes and memory consumption when designing electrically large systems. Other enhancements include improved surface curvature constraint control.

Reduced runtime with new minimax optimiser

The major improvement in POS 6.2 is the implementation of a new minimax optimiser, which significantly reduces the runtimes required for optimisation of systems with a large number of variables, stations and/or constraints.

Additionally, the new minimax optimiser offers considerably reduced memory consumption and allows much stronger performance on multi-core systems.

Automatic generation of test grid with curvature constraints

POS 6.2 allows easier control of the surface curvature of the optimized reflector design by introducing a new option where the user specifies the minimum acceptable radius of curvature, allowing POS 6.2 to automatically control the surface curvature.

The results from POS 6.2 provide a closer match to user-specified constraints on the surface curvature, leading to surfaces that can indeed be realized.

The influence of the curvature constraints on the reflector shape is illustrated in the above figure. It is clearly seen that the rapid variations without constraints (figure to the left) are significantly reduced when the constraints are active (figure to the right).

Also, POS 6.2 can generate a list of the surface curvature at all the test points of the grid used during the optimisation.

Other enhancements

Along with many other enhancements, the import of a TOR file and export of CAD files have been improved.

With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance contract you can download POS 6.2 from our support site.

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