Highly-shaped reflector antennas are signature items on todays telecommunications satellites to generate contoured beams that illuminate the desired coverage regions. POS is tailored to provide the most accurate and efficient shaping of spacecraft antennas and is therefore the engineer’s tool of choice.  


Dual-reflector system shaped to generate European coverage (courtesy of RUAG, Sweden)

POS also has the capability of optimizing multi-beam antenna of both the array-fed reflector type and direct radiating arrays. Other features are:

  • Gain maximization
  • Side lobe suppression
  • Cross-polar suppression
  • Reflectors represented by series of cubic splines or Zernike modes
  • Minmax optimizer tailored to reflector applications through many years of continued development
  • CAD export of shaped reflector surfaces
  • Array optimization
  • Optimization of feed position
  • Reflector curvature bounds
  • Support for HPC on Linux Clusters

Included with POS you will find a coverage design tool that also generates setup files to POS.

We are proud to estimate that all shaped reflectors for contoured beams in the geostationary orbit are designed with POS.

Download a brief flyer describing POS

 POS flyer (pdf)