The SNFGTD Method and its Accuracy

01 Feb 1987

The spherical near-field geometrical theory of diffraction (SNFGTD) method is an extended aperture method by which the near field from an antenna is computed on a spherical surface enclosing the antenna using the geometrical theory of diffraction. The far field is subsequently found by means of a spherical near-field to far-field transformation based on a spherical wave expansion of the near field. Due to the properties of the SNF-transformation, the total far field may be obtained as a sum of transformed contributions which facilitates analysis of collimated beams. It is demonstrated that the method possesses some advantages over traditional methods of pattern predic­tion, but also that the accuracy of the method is determined by the quasioptical methods used to calculate the near field.

Publication: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. AP-35, No. 2. February 1987

Henning Bach / Hans-Henrik Viskum /
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