Shaped Beam Antennas – Reflector Surface Tolerance Effects

01 Oct 1993

The effects of reflector surface distortions for a paraboloidal pencil beam reflector antenna are well understood. The peak gain reduction is proportional to the surface error squared, whereas the influence in the side-lobe region is linearly proportional to the surface error and the angular distribution depends on the correlation distance (the surface roughness).

For shaped reflectors the effects become more complicated. It turns out that the gain reduction in the coverage region is proportional to the surface error and leading to significantly -increased surface tolerance requirements.

This paper describes the influence of surface errors for three reflectors shaped for uniform circular coverage with half angles of 2°. 4° and 8°. For the 4° case an equivalent multibeam antenna is investigated for comparison.

Publication: 3rd ESA Antenna Workshop

Knud Pontoppidan / Stig Busk Sørensen /
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