Novel Multi-Beam Radiometers for Accurate Ocean Surveillance

07 Apr 2014

Novel antenna architectures for real aperture multi-beam radiometers providing high resolution and high sensitivity for accurate sea surface temperature (SST) and ocean vector wind (OVW) measurements are investigated. On the basis of the radiometer requirements set for future SST/OVW missions, conical scanners and push-broom antennas are compared. The comparison will cover reflector optics and focal plane array configuration.

Publication: Proc. EuCAP 2014, The 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
Place: The Hague, The Netherlands

Cecilia Cappellin / Knud Pontoppidan / Per Heighwood Nielsen / N. Skou / S. S. Søbjærg / M. Ivashina / O. Iupikov / A. Ihle / D. Hartmann / K. v. ‘t Klooster /
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