Latest Achievements in Antenna Diagnostics and Processing of Measured Fields

10 Oct 2010

A stand-alone commercial program, performing advanced electromagnetic processing of measured data, is being developed by TICRA. The program reads the measured field and computes the extreme near field or the currents on the antenna surface. From the inspection of the extreme near field or currents, the program will solve typical antenna diagnostics problems, such as identification of array element failure and antenna surface errors, but also allow artificial removal of undesired contributions, such as currents on cables and fixtures, thereby saving valuable time and resources in the antenna design and validation process. The program will be based on two field reconstruction techniques, the SWE-PWE presented at AMTA in 2007, and a new and more accurate inverse higher-order Method of Moments (INV-MoM). The paper will illustrate the theory behind the two techniques and present numerical cases with simulated data.

Publication: AMTA 32nd Annual Symposium (AMTA2010)
Place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 10-15 October, 2010

Cecilia Cappellin / Erik Jørgensen / Peter Meincke / Marco Sabbadini /
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