Feed-Array Design in Presence of Strong Scattering From Reflectors

11 Apr 2011

Full-wave reflectors antenna modelling, especially when fed by strongly-interacting radiating structures, e.g. arrays coming into the reflector field-of-view, can be a difficult task for a single tool, which is typically not able to manage multi-scale sub-problems.

This communication addresses the feasibility of a procedure for the design of feed-arrays in presence of strong scattering from the reflector (or any other nearby structure). The particular and novel feature is how using the “best tool” for each part of the model is achieved by means of an effective communication mechanism based on the EDX language.
Available on IEEEXPLORE

Publication: EuCAP 2011 – Convened Papers
Place: Rome, Italy, 11-15 April 2011

M. Bandinelli / , F. Milani / G. Guida / M. Bercigli / Poul Erik Frandsen / Stig Busk Sørensen / B. Bencivenga / M. Sabbadini /
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