Optimization of a Multibeam Satellite-Mounted Phased Array-Fed Reflector with Power Constraints

12 Oct 2022

Excitation coefficients for a phased array feeding an offset reflector are optimized for use on a geostationary satellite. The design method is exemplified by optimizing beams for inflight internet over the Atlantic at two times during a day. All sets of excitation coefficients are optimized simultaneously with power constraints to allow all beams to share 18 watt of available RF power per feed element and 1200 watt in total. The antenna operates in the Ka downlink band and is designed at 19 GHz. The reflector projected aperture diameter is 1.7 meters corresponding to 107 wavelengths. The phased feed array consists of 198 elements.

Publication: 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology

Place: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

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