Different Types of Circular Domain Wave-objects

11 Jul 2010

This paper discusses a novel method for computing aperture radiated fields by means of two new types of circular domain beams with azimuthal phase variation. These circular domain beams rigorously respect the wave equation and in their vector form, Maxwell’s equations. The beam expansion of an aperture radiated field is simply obtained by first expanding the field spectrum in the aperture plane in terms of an angular Fourier series and next representing the radial spectral coefficients in terms of complex exponentials obtained by the Generalized Pencil-of-Function method (GPOF) method. The starting radiation integral is this way reduced to a double sum of wave objects which can be computed analytically in both space and spectral domain. The vector form can be obtained through the use of vector potentials. This paper will only deal with the development and the propagation of the new wave objects. An example is presented to shows how the two different typologies of these new wave objects can be used to reconstruct the near and far field radiated by a circular aperture. The results are compared to those obtained via direct integration of the radiation integral.

Publication: 2010 IEEE AP-S/URSI Symposium
Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 11-17 July, 2010

M. Casaletti / S. Skokic / S. Maci / Stig Busk Sørensen /
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