Design of high-performance antenna systems with quasi-periodic surfaces

12 Apr 2018

Periodic surfaces (identical array elements) have existed for several decades. However, in recent years, there is an interest in replacing such surfaces with quasi-periodic surfaces (non-identical array elements).

Quasi-periodic surfaces provide additional degrees of freedom and can be used to enhance existing antenna solutions or to provide new innovative concepts for future applications. Quasi-periodic surfaces usually consist of several thousands of array elements, thus an appropriate and efficient synthesis is a challenging task.

In this paper, we present a general design framework for the design of high-performance antenna systems with quasi-periodic surfaces. The design framework is based on the use of accurate analysis methods used in conjunction with a large-scale direct optimization approach where all array elements in the quasi-periodic surface are optimized simultaneously in their final operational environment to directly fulfill certain pattern specifications.

Using the proposed design approach, quasi-periodic surfaces that consist of more than tens of thousands of array elements can be optimized.

Publication: EuCAP 2018

Place: London, United Kingdom

Min Zhou / Niels Vesterdal / Oscar Borries / Stig Busk Sørensen / Peter Meincke / Massimiliano Simeoni / Giovanni Toso /
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