Design of dual-band dual-polarized reflectarray for future multiple spot beam applications in Ka-band

02 Apr 2019

The design of a parabolic polarization selective reflectarray for dual-band dual-circular polarization for multiple beam applications in Ka-band is presented. The reflectarray has a diameter of 0.65m and is a single-layer design consisting of rotated split hexagonal-loop dipole elements.

For RHCP, the reflectarray scans the reflected beam half a beamwidth in one direction, and for LHCP, the reflectarray scans the reflected beam half a beamwidth in the opposite direction. This is achieved in both Tx (19 GHz) and Rx (29 GHz). Using a feedarray of 27 feeds, 54 beams can be generated.

With this concept, a full multiple beam coverage employing the 4-color frequency/polarization reuse scheme can be covered using only two reflectarrays while maintaining the single-feed-per-beam operation.

Publication: EuCAP 2019

Place: Krakow, Poland

Min Zhou / Stig B. Sørensen / Niels Vesterdal / Michael F. Palvig / Yan Brand / Simon Maltais / Jordan Bellemore / Giovanni Toso /
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