Coverage Flexibility by Means of a Reconformable Subreflector

13 Jul 1997

The generally highly shaped service area for a satellite antenna may change during the planning or manufacturing of the spacecraft as well as during its in-orbit life time. This paper presents results showing the extent to which such changes can be accommodated by modifying the subreflector surface profile in a dual shaped antenna system. If coverage changes are identified before launch it may be possible to exchange the subreflector with a new, fixed one. If the changes occur later, the antenna may be adapted to the new requirements if the subreflector shape can be controlled, for example by using a bendable surface material that can be positioned by motor drives. The study shows that in some cases there is a potential for a significant improvement in the performance by modifying only the subreflector.

Publication: 1997 IEEE AP-S Symposium Digest
Place: Montreal, Canada, 13-18 July, 1997

Hans-Henrik Viskum / P.J.B. Clarricoats / G.A.E. Crone /
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