Best-Fit Adjustments of the Reflectors in a Compact Range

01 Nov 2009

ESA’s Compact Antenna Test Range at ESTEC has been relocated which has given the chance to improve the alignment of the reflectors. Based on measurements of the reflector surfaces the best-fit positions and orientations of the reflectors have been determined. It turned out that the choice of parameters to describe the reflectors and their position had important impact on the optimization process: The parameters shall – as far as possible – be orthogonal in the sense that a change in one parameter must not influence the final value of the other parameters.

Publication: AMTA 31st Annual Symposium (AMTA2009)
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 1-6 November, 2009

Frank Jensen / Per Heighwood Nielsen / Luca Salghetti Drioli / Maurice Paquay /
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