Beam-Waveguide Analysis Using Complex Conical Beams

11 Apr 2011

This paper presents a method of analysing beam waveguide systems, based on Physical Optics and Complex Conical Beams. The analysis procedure for one reflector consists of calculating the field spectrum in the auxiliary input/output plane, expanding the field (spectrum) into complex conical beams, propagating the beams to the subsequent reflector and calculating the reflected fields in the next auxiliary plane via Physical Optics. The method is demonstrated on a two-reflector system. Optimal position of the auxiliary plane and efficient calculation of the field spectrum are discussed. Huygens’ source is employed as excitation, in order to generate physically correct incident fields with a Gaussian taper. The results show good agreement with the reference (pure Physical Optics) solution.
Available on IEEEXPLORE

Publication: EuCAP 2011 – Convened Papers
Place: Rome, Italy, 11-15 April 2011

S. Skokic / M. Casaletti / S. Maci / Stig Busk Sørensen /
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