Advances in commercial software for high-gain antennas and electrically large platforms

10 Jul 2018

We present the latest enhancements in the GRASP software package for analysis and design of electrically large antennas and platforms.

The focus is on the hybridisation of efficient and accurate methods which allows antenna systems with very high complexity to be analysed and optimised, e.g., an end-to-end model of a multibeam reflector antenna with a complex feed cluster consisting of 19 feed horns, each with integrated waveguide OMTs and power combiners. The time per iteration is measured in seconds, despite the large electrical size of the reflector, the complexity of the feed cluster, and the high number of individual beams.

Finally, we illustrate that a moderately priced dual-CPU workstation is sufficient for performing a fullwave analysis of a detailed model of a telecommunication satellite at Q band, where the satellite measures thousands of wavelengths.

Publication: Proc. 2018 IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

Place: Boston, USA

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