A Fast Source Reconstruction Method for Radiating Structures on Large Scattering Platforms

25 Oct 2021

We present a fast source reconstruction method suitable for antenna diagnostic applications of radiating structures on electrically large platforms. The method is based on a novel implementation of a recent reformulation of the inverse electromagnetic scattering problem, and is solved using a  Higher Order Method of Moments (MoM) discretization. The novel implementation achieves asymptotically better scaling than previously possible, and in particular the memory use is substantially lower than was previously possible. Results from two example cases are presented where the new method is compared to the current commercial state-of-the-art solver in DIATOOL 1.1, and significant improvements are observed in terms of computation times and memory requirements.

Publication: Proc. AMTA 43rd Annual Meeting & Symposium

Place: Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

Oscar Borries / Martin Haulund Gæde / Andreas Ericsson / Peter Meincke / Erik Jørgensen / Dennis Schobert / Erio Gandini /
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