The ultimate tool for superior design of horns and reflectors with rotational symmetry. Introducing productivity enhancements that create an intuitive environment and a very short learning curve for the rookie, while still giving the expert access to an incredible array of features to thoroughly optimize your antenna system.

  • Rule-based wizards for setup of conical corrugated horns and ring-focus reflector systems
  • Component library for easy design of axial corrugations, choke-ring waveguides and dual-depth corrugations conical horns
  • Easy definition of horn exterior geometry
  • Analysis of dielectric material, for example as used between the feed aperture and the sub-reflector
  • Assignment of variables to geometric parameters, including arithmetic and trigonometric expressions
  • Smooth formulation of optimization goals in terms of familiar antenna parameters including return loss, directivity, XPD, co- and cross-polar side-lobe envelope templates and phase-center location

See a real example 

CHAMP combines a mode-matching solver for the propagation internally in the horn with a highly-efficient BoR MoM solver for the exterior parts, including reflectors and dielectric support material. The BoR solver was developed specifically for this application with the aim of optimizing speed and rendering practical optimization . A full analysis cycle for a typical antenna system takes less than a few seconds.

Analysis of terminal antenna with compact feed and stepped subreflector

CHAMP generates GRASP and POS compatible spherical wave expansions to enable full secondary pattern predictions of complex offset antenna systems using the designed feed as source.

Related information

> Download the CHAMP brochure (pdf)

Watch this video about combined feed and reflector design using CHAMP and GRASP.

CHAMP is available for Windows and Linux.