TICRA Tools 24.0 is released

30 May 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of TICRA Tools 24.0, which introduces several improvements and new functionality to users.

This new release provides:

More Control Over Designs: Many improvements and additions to the optimiser allow for greater precision and control in antenna designs.

Better Visuals: Enhanced plotting and animation features offer clearer, more dynamic visual representations and better insights into your designs.

Faster Computations: Significant improvements in calculation speed, especially for field evaluations, help reduce overall design time.

Improved Usability: Workflow improvements make the tool more intuitive and efficient to use.

More details on selected features can be found below.

With an active Technical Support and Maintenance (TSM) contract you may download TICRA Tools 24.0 on the TICRA support site. Here, you also find the release note with details on all new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

If you would like to renew your TSM agreement, please contact us.

New optimisation capabilities

Optimisation of beamwidth and sidelobe level (All products)

New optimisation goals have been added for beamwidth and sidelobe level engineering. Users can specify desired beam profiles with specific levels and widths, and control sidelobe levels more effectively, whether globally or near the peak.

Improved multi-level optimisation (All products)

Multi-level optimisation has been made more user-friendly. Optimal solutions are now automatically loaded, and results are more clearly organised in the Results Tree, simplifying the process and improving efficiency.

Optimisation of spillover (GRASP, POS)

A new goal has been introduced for optimising spillover, allowing for more efficient antenna systems by explicit control of unwanted radiation.

Enhanced user experience

Improved calculation speed (All products)

Calculation speed for fields from current distributions has been significantly decreased, particularly for near-field calculations on Windows, achieving speedups of up to 50 times.

Calculation of pattern characteristics on completed jobs (All products)

Users can now run pattern characteristic commands on field storage objects in completed jobs from the Results Tab. This makes it easier to analyse results immediately (to get pattern peaks, beamwidths, sidelobe levels, and more) as well as to apply pattern characteristics to parameter sweeps.

Plot of Surface Current Densities supports animations and arrows (GRASP, ESTEAM, CHAMP 3D)

The 3D surface current density plot now supports animations and arrows, providing dynamic visualisations of current directions and densities in time. Users can also export these animations in .avi and .gif formats for display and visualisation outside of TICRA Tools.

New capabilities

New Subreflector page in CHAMP 3D Ring Focus/Axially Displaced Reflector Wizard (CHAMP 3D)

The CHAMP 3D Wizard now includes a subreflector page, aiding in the setup of stepped or dielectric-supported subreflectors, which are often used in practical designs.

Export of user-defined periodic unit cell geometry to CAD file (QUPES)

Users can now export the geometry of periodic unit cells to CAD files, making it easier to benchmark designs with external software and visually inspect geometries in CAD software.

Time instantaneous current densities can be visualised with their directions.

The new subreflector page allows easy setup of a stepped profile.

Periodic unit cells can now be exported as a CAD file.



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