TICRA to present papers on CubeSats and SmallSats at ESA Antenna Workshop 2019

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the ESA Antenna Workshop at ESA-ESTEC, the Netherlands. The conference takes place from 8 to 10 October and this year the focus is on Antenna Developments for Terrestrial and Small-Space Platforms. TICRA will be presenting 3 papers on SmallSats and CubeSats applications.


Design of advanced reflectarrays for future SmallSat applications

Abstract: Planar antennas are of significant interest for CubeSats since they allow for very compact stowage. See how our dedicated design tool, QUPES, has been applied to design reflectarrays on two potential future missions in X-band and Ka-band.

Authors: Min Zhou, Erik Jørgensen, Stig B. Sørensen, Andreas Ericsson, Michael F. Palvig, Niels Vesterdal, Oscar Borries, Tonny Rubæk, Peter Meincke

Time: Tuesday October 8 at 11.30 AM

Session: Array Antennas


Development and qualification of a high-gain X-band deployable reflectarray antenna for CubeSat applications

Abstract: Antennas on CubeSats must conform to the strict requirements imposed by available space on the launcher, for example 6U or 12U. In this paper we show results for a deployable high-gain reflectarray consisting of three panels. When folded, it fits within the 10 mm space available on one face of a CubeSat. Following optimisation of the array elements using QUPES a breadboard model was manufactured and will be subjected to a full qualification campaign.

Authors: Erik Jørgensen, Tonny Rubæk, Andreas Ericsson, Min Zhou, Jacob Bisgaard Jensen (GomSpace), Simon Christensen (GomSpace), Esben Lundø Madsen (GomSpace), Giovanni Toso (ESA-ESTEC), Peter De Maagt (ESA-ESTEC)

Time: Wednesday October 9 at 2.40 PM

Session: Deployable Antennas II


Accurate prediction of installed RF performances of antennas on CubeSats

Abstract: We have applied the highly efficient MLFMM solver available in TICRA’s ESTEAM product to a thorough analysis of typical antennas on 3U and 6U CubeSats, including dipoles, patches, helices and reflector antennas. The results show that the performances of the electrically small antennas are substantially changed once installed on the CubeSats, indicating that platform scattering and coupling with the neighbouring antennas must be included and accounted for already in the design phase.

Authors: Cecilia Cappellin, Mustafa Murat Bilgic, Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson, Oscar Borries

Time: Thursday October 10 at 10 AM

Session: Nano/CubeSat Antennas

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