TICRA to develop robust surrogate modelling for antenna design applications in PhD study

13 Oct 2020

Sabine Fie Hansen started her industrial PhD study with TICRA in September. The goal of the PhD study is to develop software tools that aid in the computationally demanding design of modern antenna systems. As such systems become increasingly complex there is an urgent need for the use of end-to-end design, i.e. allowing the user to parameterise antenna components and achieve an optimal and fully characterised design solution. This is a demanding task, requiring both accurate and fast simulations.

Achieving the goals of this PhD study will greatly extend the capabilities of TICRA’s software by allowing state-of-the-art surrogate modelling techniques to be applied automatically, drastically increasing the simulation speed without noticeable loss of accuracy. Further, the techniques will reduce the time required for optimisation and uncertainty quantification. This will enable users to faster and more easily assess influence of various, possibly uncertain, parameters on the performance of their antenna systems.

With this tool, customers can increase the performance of the antennas and obtain designs that are robust to uncertainties in manufacturing and operation.

“With the new software tools, TICRA‘s existing products will offer increased efficiency, particularly for optimisation and characterisation of components under the uncertainty of manufacturing and operational conditions”, states Oscar Borries, Head of Mathematics & AI at TICRA. He continues: “By allowing surrogate modelling techniques to be applied without user intervention, TICRAs products will continue to provide customers easy-to-use, fast and highly accurate simulation software.”

The PhD study that is partly funded by Innovation Fund Denmark is expected to be completed in August 2023.


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