TICRA signs two contracts to develop 8 meter deployable reflector for Copernicus CIMR mission

16 Mar 2021

TICRA has signed two contracts to participate in the development of the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) mission with Thales Alenia Space Italy (TAS-I) as prime contractor.

The CIMR instrument is a state-of-the-art conical scanning radiometer operating from L to Ka band and spinning around the spacecraft axis at approximately eight rotations per minute. With a light mesh deployable reflector of 8 meter projected aperture made by fully European technology, CIMR will measure sea-surface temperature, sea-ice concentration and sea-surface salinity with unprecedented accuracy and spatial resolution.

As sub-contractor of TAS-I, TICRA will work on three tasks. First, TICRA will perform the uncertainty quantification of the CIMR reflector, calculating how much the geometrical and electrical uncertainties of the CIMR reflector antenna affect the predicted antenna patterns.

Second, TICRA will use the ESTEAM software to compute the impact of scattering from the CIMR satellite platform in order to quantify its effect on the radiometric accuracy and the sensitivity of the instrument.

Last, TICRA will develop an algorithm to reconstruct the antenna shape based on in-orbit measurements from ground stations.

TICRA to provide RF analysis of the reflector system

Additionally, TICRA will be sub-contractor of HPS GmbH. HPS GmbH leads a consortium of 15 European SMEs, including TICRA, who will provide the 8 meter deployable reflector subsystem for the CIMR instrument. Using the GRASP software, TICRA will provide the RF analysis of the reflector system designed by TAS-I and HPS.

By being direct partner of both TAS-I and HPS, TICRA will collaborate closely with both industrial partners and will provide high level RF support to both groups increasing the synergy of the team.

The CIMR mission is co-funded by ESA and the European Commission. According to the plan, the CIMR instrument will be launched in 2028.

We look forward to starting to work!


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