TICRA in nanosatellite project

TICRA joins forces with GomSpace in a project to develop and test a prototype nanosatellite, designed to measure the quality of the signals from large communications satellites.

The project forms the first step in a development towards having a nanosatellite in Low Earth Orbit to measure the signals transmitted by the communications satellites. In a new software tool, the measurements are compared to predictions in order to check that the beams have the expected strength and are transmitted only within the allowed coverage areas on the Earth.

TICRA’s contribution is within the design of the nanosatellite antennas and the software developments.

“TICRA’s antenna design software is used by most companies building large satellites. Our goal is to be the preferred choice of provider for the many companies building smaller satellites as well. With this exciting project and collaboration with GomSpace, we take a big step towards a rapidly growing market”, says Michael Lumholt, managing director at TICRA.

The project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.

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