TICRA founder, Niels Christian Albertsen, has passed away

It is with deep regret that we inform you that Niels Christian Albertsen (Christian), one of TICRA’s founders, has passed away.

Together with Jesper E. Hansen and Niels Eilskov Jensen, Christian founded TICRA in 1971 where he continued to work for an impressive 43 years before he retired in 2014.

Throughout the years, Christian was a driving force in all of TICRA’s activities. His work ranged from development of fundamental electromagnetic theory to practical antenna design and he was heavily involved in the software development as well.

For more than 20 years, Christian was the Managing Director of TICRA. Besides his responsibilities in the company, he was an associate professor in mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark where he educated an entire generation of engineers in mathematical subjects, such as complex analysis.

As a colleague, Christian was modest and trustworthy and always ready to help with difficult challenges.

Christian was born on 16 January 1946 and he passed away shortly before his 75th birthday.

May Niels Christian Albertsen rest in peace.


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