The Apollo Age

22 Sep 2021

Do you recall what spaceflight and satellite communications looked like at the time of TICRA’s foundation?

It was the time of the Apollo age. Just two years earlier, man walked on the Moon for the first time as the culmination of the intense space race so far. But the discoveries continued, and the first use of a manned rover outside the Earth was demonstrated as part of the Apollo 15 mission just a few months before TICRA was created.

Within satellite communications, the first global satellite communications system had just been demonstrated. With three satellites, Intelsat 1, 2 and 3, in the so-called geostationary orbit, it was possible to transmit a signal to users on a large part of the globe.

Thus, a new market for satellite communications had just seen the light. And with this the need to design, develop and test antennas, which was the only way to maintain a link between the Earth and the infrastructure in space.


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