Speed up your design workflow with SATSOFT 3.2 release

With many new features and enhancements in the SATSOFT 3.2 release, users will experience increased productivity in their daily work. Besides general improvements in the SATSOFT interface that allow for faster and easier operation of the software, users will experience multiple new contour plotting options as well as an improved integration with GRASP and POS.

Re-use customized contour plot settings

When contour levels, colours, polarization etc. have been defined, settings may be saved to a file for use in other projects or for sharing with colleagues. Also, SATSOFT enables the users to easily apply a colour scheme to the contour fill and a custom colour scheme can be defined.

Edit polygons with a few mouse clicks

In a user-friendly process SATSOFT users can create and edit coverage polygons. For instance, adding, moving and removing points as well as moving the entire polygon simply by using the mouse.

Design of shaped reflector antennas in SATSOFT

Users with the Physical Optics (PO) add-on to SATSOFT can easily set up and optimize shaped reflectors for contoured beams. Selecting just a few key parameters, SATSOFT can optimize the shape of the reflector to create a contoured beam for a given coverage.

Export of multi-feed reflectors and shaped reflectors to GRASP and POS

Speeding up the design workflow considerably, SATSOFT users with the Analytic Reflector (AR) or the Physical Optics (PO) add-on can export the complete reflector configurations set-up in SATSOFT for further optimisation in POS or analysis in GRASP.

Easy setup of multi-feed reflector antenna model

For SATSOFT users with the Analytic Reflector (AR) or the Physical Optics (PO) add-on several improvements have been implemented for the existing multi-feed reflector antenna model. With just a few parameters SATSOFT will set up a reflector system based on simple design rules to generate a blockage-free array-fed system.

License activation / deactivation

For SATSOFT users with a network license the add-ons can be selected or de-selected at start up to enable a more efficient sharing of licenses.

With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance contract users can download SATSOFT 3.2 on the TICRA support page.

> Learn more about SATSOFT and Physical Optics Reflector.

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