• Quick calculation of radiation patterns from single and multi feed reflector antennas
  • Specify reflector diameter or 3 dB beamwidth
  • Circularly polarised single and dual mode feeds
  • Scan effects and cross polarization neglected
  • Optimise shaped multi feed beams


  • Easy to use
  • Get a good estimate for the required antenna size
  • Perform sanity checks on coverage requirements
  • Produce better specifications for your satellites
  • Improve the accuracy of your system’s link budget
  • Export antennas to POS and GRASP projects

Easy setup of reflector antennas

The analytical reflector add-on allows you to quickly define reflector antennas on your satellite. The add-on supports both center-fed and offset reflectors with a single or multiple feeds. Auto settings let you define the key parameters, such as the 3 dB beam width or the reflector diameter, while SATSOFT configures the appropriate antenna.

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Create multi beam systems

You can easily set up multi beam systems with a given beam width to check the required number of beams for a given coverage. This allows you to quickly asses the link budget, the necessary payload power, and other key system parameters.

Synthesize contoured beams

Shaped beams can be synthesised for a given coverage area using the analytical reflector add-on and SATSOFT’s build-in optimiser. The result is a good estimate for the performance of a shaped reflector and allows you to do the first estimation of required size of the reflector and its gain and G/T.

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Export POS and GRASP projects

The Analytical Reflector add-on allows you to export the multi-feed reflector antennas you create in SATSOFT to POS and GRASP projects. If you export to POS, the projects contain fully configured optimizations with the station files used in SATSOFT. Both the GRASP and POS projects contain the excitation coefficients calculated by the SATSOFT optimiser, allowing you to easily use the optimised feed array in your other TICRA programs.

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