• Quickly create polygons to use as coverage area definition
  • Synthesise contoured beams with or without pointing error compensation from reflector or array antennas
  • Plot pattern contours and create performance tables of directivity, EIRP, G/T, and other mission-critical parameters
  • Import measured or predicted antenna patterns to use in your analysis


  • Efficient process of planning, designing and marketing communication satellite payloads
  • Conduct antenna trade-off studies
  • Prepare documents for ITU regulatory filings
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Easy interface to POS and GRASP

SATSOFT Standard and Pro

SATSOFT is designed for communication satellite antenna design, analysis and coverage planning. The standard version is particularly useful for quick inspection of supplier-furnished antenna patterns, while the professional version has extended capabilities primarily to account for antenna pointing error and coverage polygon management.

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Synthesise contoured beams

Antenna beams can be synthesised using different antenna models, depending on the optional add-on modules for SATSOFT. From an initial starting point the fast min-max optimiser quickly converges to an optimum solution for which the performance can be thoroughly evaluated.

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Export data to other TICRA programs

With SATSOFT Standard and Pro, you can easily export station files to be used for optimisation in POS. With the add-on modules Analytical Reflector and Physical Optics Reflector, you get the additional benefit of being able to export complete GRASP and POS projects containing the antennas used in your SATSOFT analysis. This considerably speeds up the design workflow.

Exchange data with Google Earth

SATSOFT supports KML format for exporting data contours, giving users the ability to easily exchange data with Google Earth and take advantage of its rendering capabilities.

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Prepare earth station performance tables

SATSOFT offers the feature of detailed analysis of the antenna performance in specific directions. This could be points specified by the user as, for example, longitude and latitude coordinates, or it could be cities selected from the supplied city database, which may be updated by the user.

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Add-on modules for SATSOFT

SATSOFT offers the following add-on modules.

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