SATSOFT 3.4 is released

The focus of this release has been to accommodate a number of user requests, aimed at improving the efficiency and user-friendliness. This includes a simpler creation of coverage polygons based on country borders, a new performance table manager for creating and managing several performance tables at once and an editable table view of stations used in the antenna calculations.

As a final change, options and add-ons have been consolidated so that now SATSOFT has a single add-on, the Payload Antenna Planner.

Define polygons by selecting countries

SATSOFT 3.4 introduces an alternative method of defining coverage polygons fast and more accurately. With just a few mouse-clicks, the user can define polygons by simply selecting one or more countries from a list or directly on the world map. These so-called country polygons can afterwards be edited as usual, for example by selecting and removing parts, merging several polygons and expanding by the pointing error.

Inspect, edit and add stations in tabular form

Users of SATSOFT 3.4 will experience a better overview and control of stations data in the Antenna view. In a new stations table, the users can modify existing stations as well as add new stations. Additionally, it is possible to import and export stations allowing the user to re-use stations in the same and in other SATSOFT projects. Stations can be copied to e.g. Excel, to make global changes even simpler.

Create and recompute performance tables for several antennas at once

A new Performance Table Manager allows SATSOFT users to create, recompute or delete performance tables for a custom-selection of antennas and delta patterns in a SATSOFT project. Similarly, the user can create new performance tables or recompute existing ones for all antennas or delta patterns at the same time.
With the Performance Table Manager users will experience fewer mouse-clicks in projects with tens or hundreds of antennas when it comes to managing performance tables.

Model shaped and multi-feed reflector antennas with the Payload Antenna Planner add-on

The Payload Antenna Planner (PAP) is a consolidation of the previous Physical Optics (PO) and Analytic Phased Array (PAM) add-ons to SATSOFT. With PAP, the user can model shaped and multi-feed reflector antennas with physical optics to make realistic system-level predictions or use the analytic phased array model for direct radiating arrays.

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With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance (TSM) contract you can download SATSOFT 3.4 from our support site.


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