SATSOFT 3.1 is available

01 Feb 2017

SATSOFT 3.1 allows users to grab and rotate the Earth and it supports data contours to be exported in KML format, making it easy to exchange data with Google Earth.

New map features

In SATSOFT 3.1 it is possible to grab and rotate the Earth and intuitively obtain a different view-angle, rather than having to enter specific coordinates.

The world map has been updated with the latest countries and state border lines and it can be visualized with five preset colour schemes as well as a customized colour setting. Additionally, country names have been added.

Multi-beam coverage of the USA with the new map.

Colour schemes and customized color settings

Exchange data with Google Earth

SATSOFT 3.1 supports KML format for exporting data contours, giving users the ability to easily exchange data with Google Earth and take advantage of its rendering capabilities.

Along with many other enhancements, a shortcut from the help menu provides quick access to tutorial cases.

With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance contract you can download the new version.

Learn more about SATSOFT.


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