RF Design Tool for end-to-end Optimisation of High-performance Multibeam Antenna Systems

05 Oct 2018

This paper describes a new integrated RF design tool for analysis and optimisation of reflector-based multibeam antenna systems.

The new tool combines several powerful algorithms into a flexible software framework that allows end-to-end optimisation of antenna systems comprising of passive microwave components, feed horns, reflectors, and advanced surfaces such as reflectarrays, transmitarrays, or frequency and polarisation selective surfaces.

The term end-to-end is used to indicate that the entire multibeam system can be optimised as one model where only the final performance parameters of the complete antenna system are included, e.g., the return loss at the input ports of the first feed chain components and the resulting beam shapes after the last reflecting surface.

We illustrate the new capabilities with design examples, e.g., a single-feed-per-beam feed cluster that is directly optimised for improved C/I ratio of the beams radiated by the main reflector.

Publication: ESA Antenna Workshop

Place: ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Erik Jørgensen / Niels Vesterdal / Min Zhou / Peter Meincke / Oscar Borries / Michael F. Palvig / Tonny Rubæk / Massimiliano Simeoni / Giovanni Toso /
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