A Reconformable Reflector for a Sub-MM Wave Reflector Antenna

22 Jun 2003

Results are presented of investigations with a laboratory model of a reconformable reflector for MM and sub-MM applications. A configuration with 19 actuators to control the surface has been realised. Several configuration shapes have been evaluated to prove the concept, using an accurate 3D measurement machine of Media Lario. With a reconformable reflector as sub-reflector one can alleviate requirements for a main reflector in a dual reflector system, which otherwise would be very challenging and expensive for sub-mm applications. This is of interest for instance for radiometers, sounders or ground-based radiotelescopes. The technological implementation here makes use of an electroformed Nickel shell that allows a deformation as needed at sub-MM wavelength. The subject was reported before [4,5] but without realised results. Here we present the latest status, which confirms the interesting and promising approach.

Publication: 2003 IEEE AP-S Symposium
Place: Columbus, Ohio, USA, 22-27 June, 2003

Fabio Zocchi / Pietro Binda / Hans-Henrik Viskum / Kees van ’t Klooster /
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