QUPES – New product for design of quasi-periodic surfaces

Upcoming release

You may have heard the rumors, and finally, we can share a few more details about what we have been working on. In December 2019 we will release QUPES which is the next product in line to be added to the TICRA Tools family.

QUPES (short for QUasi-PEriodic Surfaces) is a dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency selective surfaces, transmitarrays, and other similar surfaces. QUPES will be available with the upcoming release of TICRA Tools 19.1.

Starting from the definition and design of the unit-cell geometry to the optimisation of the entire finite-sized structures, QUPES provides the capabilities to design a periodic/quasi-periodic surface in one single tool.

The product is a result of several years of research, and it contains unique capabilities that are not available in any other commercial software packages. These advanced capabilities are seamlessly integrated together with the other software products in TICRA Tools.

Examples of applications that QUPES can be used for

Analysis and optimisation of periodic unit-cells

A periodic unit-cell consisting of a concentric split ring over a PEC-backed dielectric slab.


Accurate and efficient analysis of planar reflectarray within a few seconds

Top: A planar pencil-beam reflectarray in an anechoic measurement chamber. Bottom: Comparison between measurements and simulated results using QUPES.


Design of advanced antenna systems for future applications

Top: A dual-band dual-polarised doubly curved reflectarray for multiple spot beam applications. Bottom: Comparison between measurements and simulated results using QUPES.


Deployable reflectarray analysed with beta version of QUPES

Earlier in 2019 JPL, NASA, published a paper on a deployable one-meter reflectarray for 6U-class CubeSats. The deployable one-meter reflectarray antenna has been analysed with a beta version of QUPES.

> Download the paper from the IEEE Xplore website (requires login)


Schedule a 30-days QUPES trial

Software trials of the full verison of QUPES will be available upon release in December. If you want to schedule a 30-days trial free of charge, please contact info@ticra.com.


For technical information about QUPES, please contact Product Lead for Periodic Structures Min Zhou via email mz@ticra.com.


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