Optimizing a Corrugated Horn for Telecommunication and Tracking Missions using a new flexible Horn Design Software

12 Apr 2010

A new design approach and an associated software tool for conical corrugated horn antennas has been developed in a joint TICRA-Thales Alenia Space-ESA project. The software is developed such that it supports the user in designing an optimized horn antenna in a natural way with stepwise refinements both in geometry, in optimization parameters selection and in design requirements definition. The techniques presented have been validated on a case where a highly optimized horn has been designed, manufactured and measured.

Publication: Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP)
Place: Barcelona, Spain, 12-16 April 2010

J. Pressensé / Poul Erik Frandsen / Michael Lumholt / Aksel Frandsen / L. Salghetti Drioli /
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