The new SATSOFT 3 – prepared for the future

The emerging high-capacity, high-throughput and flexible satellite systems have one thing in common: they rely on top-end tools for the planning, design, analysis and marketing of the proposed and realized coverage beams. The all-new release 3 is cementing SATSOFT’s role as the coverage planning software of choice for the satellite industry, also for the emerging satellite service systems of the future.


Flexible coverages designed by SATSOFT 3.0

SATSOFT is now available for all new Windows and Mac OS’s, and takes full advantage of the 64-bit architecture for faster and more efficient coverage planning.

The graphical user interface is updated with new high-resolution icons, while the machine room has been completely overhauled to ensure compatibility with state-of-the art operating systems. This facilitates future developments of user-requested modules to support the planning and management of new flexible service scenario.

The export of reflector geometries in GRASP format is improved, to provide improved compatibility with other TICRA tools.

To provide you with a high degree of flexibility in the license management, SATSOFT 3 implements FlexLM, which facilitates simple movement of single-seat licenses from one PC to another, if you change computer or wish to share the license with a colleague.

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SATSOFT is backed by TICRA’s well-reputed support and maintenance system, which the satellite industry has come to appreciate for the more than 4 decades during which we have offered commercial software for satellite antenna modelling and design.

SATSOFT highlights:

  • Earth map and contour plotting for GEO, LEO and MEO
  • Define contoured or spot-beam coverages
  • Repoint boresight, and extend coverages by pointing error
  • Display beams obtained from existing antenna designs
  • Design contoured and spot beams at varying levels of complexity (Gaussian beams, analytic reflector model, full PO model, direct radiating array model)
  • Generate EIRP and X-pol C/I performance tables


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