New product: QUPES is released with TICRA Tools 19.1

With the latest version of TICRA Tools, we are pleased to announce the release of QUPES (short for QUasi-PEriodic Surfaces). QUPES is a dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), transmitarrays, and other similar surfaces.

Easy definition and optimisation of periodic unit cells

A build-in library of commonly used periodic unit cell geometries is included in QUPES, making it really easy for the user to define periodic unit cells. Additionally, the user has the possibility to define more general geometries. Using the optimisation capabilities included in TICRA Tools, the user can optimise the periodic unit cell geometries to fulfil certain reflection/transmission properties.

Unique capabilities for the design of quasi-periodic surfaces

QUPES is the result of several years of research, and it contains unique capabilities that are not available in any other commercial software products. In particular, it offers the power to optimise entire quasi-periodic surfaces directly to meet goals on the final radiation pattern. The advanced capabilities in QUPES are seamlessly integrated with TICRA Tools, making it possible to interact with the other software products within the framework. This allows the user to design highly advanced antenna systems using one single tool.

In addition to the release of QUPES, TICRA Tools 19.1 includes many enhancements to GRASP, CHAMP 3D and ESTEAM.

Download TICRA Tools 19.1

With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance (TSM) agreement TICRA Tools 19.1 can be downloaded on our support site.

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