New product in TICRA Tools 22.1: Quantify antenna uncertainties with UQ

12 Jan 2023

With the release of TICRA Tools 22.1, we are happy to introduce a sixth product in the TICRA Tools framework: UQ which is short for Uncertainty Quantification.

This new product may add significant value during the antenna design process. Specifically, by supplementing other TICRA Tools antenna products with UQ, the antenna designer may:

  • Get insights to do more robust antenna designs
  • Do fewer design iterations and better antenna prototypes
  • Avoid overdesign and achieve tighter margins
  • Obtain better correlation of measurements and simulations

Uncertainty quantification

With the UQ product, the antenna designer may augment the usual antenna design process with uncertainties on design parameters and get data on the expected antenna performance and confidence intervals. UQ works together with TICRA Tools antenna analysis products, where uncertainty due to any variable specifying the antenna may be included. The outcome of a UQ analysis is the expected performance and confidence intervals, for instance for the antenna radiation pattern, as well as probability distributions for key parameters, such as peak directivity.

TICRA’s UQ employs advanced statistical methods and thus provides accurate uncertainty estimates in a reasonable time.

Uncertainty due to any parameter

The UQ product may be used to estimate the uncertainty due to any parameter describing the antenna. Parameters may include geometrical dimensions, positions of elements of the antenna, surface distortions, material parameters, array excitation coefficients, and many more. Both Real Variables and Bulk Variables in TICRA Tools may be used with UQ, and the uncertainty due to any one or any group of parameters may be analysed.

UQ is integrated in the TICRA Tools software framework. This means that you may quantify uncertainties for any antenna system modelled with one or more of the TICRA Tools antenna products, GRASP, ESTEAM, CHAMP 3D, QUPES, and/or POS.

If you would like to learn more about UQ or to get a free trial, please contact us.

Download TICRA Tools 22.1

In addition to the introduction of UQ, the new release includes several new features in the other TICRA Tools products.

With a valid Technical Support and Maintenance (TSM) agreement, TICRA Tools 22.1 can be downloaded on our support site. If you would like to renew your TSM agreement, please contact us.

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