Multi-Spot Beam Reflectarrays for Satellite Telecommunication Applications in Ka-Band

12 Apr 2016

This paper describes a reflectarray concept that can produce a full dual-band (transmit/receive) multiple spot beam coverage in Ka-band using only two main apertures while maintaining single-feed-per-beam operation. The proposed concept combines the capabilities of the reflectarray and a parabolic surface, enabling the antenna to radiate more than one beam types in the typical ”4-color” frequency polarization re-use scheme. Preliminary results using single-band array elements are presented and confirm the potential of the proposed concept.

Publication: Proc. EuCAP’2016, 10th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
Place: Davos, Schwitzerland

Min Zhou / Stig Busk Sørensen /
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