Modelling of Compact Range Quiet-Zone Fields by PO and GTD

04 Oct 1999

Modelling of the field in the quiet zone (QZ) of a compact range is a difficult task since the edges of the range reflectors are designed not to radiate into the quiet zone. As a consequence the edges of the range reflectors are complicated to model electromagnetically. In the present paper we compare modelling by physical optics (PO) with modelling by the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD). The investigation is carried out on a double reflector range with rectangular serrated reflectors. It is found that the range far field determined by PO is best explained by a ray model for reflectors having a double straight edge, which suggests to apply a GTD model on reflectors with straight edges but with attenuated diffraction contribution.

Both PO and GTD results are shown and compared to measurements.

Publication: AMTA 21st Annual Symposium (AMTA1999)
Place: Monterey Bay, CA, USA. 4-8 October 1999

Frank Jensen / Laurent Giuaffret / Javier Marti-Canales /
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